Sedan Car Repair Wash & Cleanup - Garage Game

Sedan Car Repair Wash & Cleanup - Garage Game

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Hey little repairman! Welcome to the world of auto car repair and sports vehicle washing adventure. You must have played police car washing and other workshop games, but what about washing and cleaning your favorite sports car with automobile repairing and sedan car coloring fun. So come and play this makeover game for kids which boys, girls love to play.
Car wash & Spa Salon
Just like a good mechanic in this auto service game, cleanup the messy and rusty automobiles and other vehicles like trucks wash, sedan cars repair and other vehicle like a professional. Show up your real auto wash skills for fix, repair and boost up the mini racing cars. Automobiles laundry game is fun contributor for kids of all ages. Fix the cars machines tires and engine to become the best little mechanic in the city. Due to messy road accident vehicles are facing some damage!! No worries the service station is near, take the auto car there to fix it and boost it. A sedan car repair mechanic shop is a crazy adventurous garage game for kids where kids will learn how to take care of their vehicles.
Now do some repair work to fix the car damages like a car doctor. Use different modern tools and equipment from the mechanic garage. Do some welding, denting and engine fixing work. Change the car oil, fix the battery and build the car like new one. This step requires best mechanic and builder skills.
Then open the vehicle bonnet blow up the dirt and mud from engine and tune it up. Clean up the interior and exterior in this garage laundry service station game. Now customize and design the car like the best designer. Check the sedan car Engine to make sure it is running in fine form. Before the final look, do some welding and denting work and fix all the damages. Now fill the air into the truck sedan tyres and change its oil. This sports car repair shop mechanic game is adventurous and real like experience for kids. Perform complete tuning. Little boys and girls use your expert repairman skills to repair the motorcars. This crazy mechanic game is the best game for fun times. This game is as much fun as any car repair or garage game.
Download this amazing best game for crazy kids and let the fun begin!


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